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Following separation or divorce with a minor child or minor children involved, co-parenting can be difficult and contentious. If parents are struggling with this, North Carolina has a Parenting Coordinator Program in which court-appointed, third-party professionals help partners reduce conflict and learn how to co-parent more effectively. A parenting coordinator is typically an attorney, mental health professional, or specialized social worker that has been approved and appointed by the Court. If established in custody orders, parents are allowed to choose their own parent coordinator if both parties agree. Our Asheville family law firm can provide experienced and highly-skilled parent coordinators to help you and your children. For more information on how the Parenting Coordinator Program works and how our family lawyers can help you, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Role Of A Parenting Coordinator

The parenting coordinator will work with both parents and their children to help identify specific issues between the parties and collaborate with them to develop solutions. This is often accomplished by helping participants improve communication skills and educating parents on co-parenting techniques. The main goal of the coordinator is to facilitate a healthy environment for the children.

How It Works

The participants will attend appointments with the parenting coordinator on a predetermined schedule, typically on a weekly basis. The duration of the program can be between 3 months to one year or longer depending on the needs of the participants. The parents are responsible for paying a fee to the coordinator and generally split the cost unless otherwise determined by the courts.

Our Experienced Parenting Coordinators

For the Parenting Coordinator Program to be most successful, the participants should be paired with a coordinator that is a good fit. If your children have specific needs that should be addressed, be mindful of coordinators that specialize in working with those needs. Some participants may respond better to a slow-paced coordinator, while others will work better with a more direct coordinator. Our family law firm provides custom solutions and works with you to understand how you and your children can best benefit from the program. To get started and learn more about parenting coordination, contact us today to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney in Asheville, NC.

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