Attorneys Fees

Understanding Attorneys Fees

In family law matters, attorneys’ fees are billed hourly based on the experience and expertise of the client’s attorney. Attorney’s fees are often the highest expense for a person involved in a family law dispute. It is possible to be compensated for your attorney’s fees in a family law matter at the court’s discretion. Ultimately, it is essential to make sure that you take all steps necessary before pursuing litigation to put yourself in the best possible position when attempting to receive an award of attorney’s fees in any sort of family law dispute.

Court-Awarded Attorney Fee Repayment

People regularly ask us how they can have their attorney’s fees awarded to them through litigation. It is not a straightforward answer, as there are different standards for this depending on the type of family law matter you are involved in. Also, local courts and judges may have their peculiarities when considering an award of attorney’s fees. It is very important that the litigant presents all relevant facts to position themselves well and successfully obtain an award of attorney’s fees. For example, if one party has acted in bad faith or demonstrated malicious behavior during the dispute, this could be presented as evidence to ultimately having attorney’s fees awarded to our client. Our knowledgeable professionals have the expertise to ensure the court reaches a fair result when awarding attorney’s fees. By working closely with our clients, we strive to provide them with the highest legal representation and guidance throughout the process.

How Our Family Attorneys Can Help

Our family law attorneys have extensive experience in making and defending claims for attorney’s fees in various family law cases. We can provide our clients with valuable advice on when they may be entitled to a fee award, as well as how best to position themselves to win an award of fees. Additionally, we can help them make their case by constructing strong arguments that support their claim for attorney’s fees. If you are seeking an award of attorney’s fees or are concerned you may be at risk of being awarded a fee against you, our Asheville family lawyers can help.  At Asheville Family Law Group, we take pride in helping our clients achieve successful outcomes and receive compensation for their attorney fees.