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Premarital Agreements in Asheville, NC

Premarital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements, are contracts that organize assets and liabilities in the event of divorce or death. Without a premarital agreement, the division of property and other marital matters will be left up to the courts. These agreements can detail the assignment of assets and debts, business ownership, personal property division, spousal support, and more. Seeking a premarital agreement does not need to have a negative association, it is simply a way for a couple to be organized for the future. For more information about premarital agreements, our knowledgeable family law attorneys in Asheville, NC, can answer your questions and provide compelling solutions. Contact our family law firm today to schedule an initial consultation.

Benefits of a Premarital Agreement

Premarital agreements are highly customizable and can be written to accommodate a couple’s specific needs and goals. There are certain circumstances where a premarital agreement can be especially beneficial. For instance, if one partner has a child or children from a prior relationship and wants to ensure their financial security. Or if one partner has a business before marriage and wants to secure full ownership of their company. The agreement can assign property and assets to a person, notate marital and non-marital assets, and establish any other arrangements such as alimony. Without a premarital agreement, all of these decisions could be in the hands of a judge. Premarital agreements allow couples and families to make their own decisions about their future.

Drafting a Premarital Agreement

Our Asheville family attorneys collaborate with our clients to create agreements that best protect their interests. Our courteous and professional family law attorneys facilitate a premarital agreement that all parties can be comfortable with. While both parties can use the same lawyer to obtain an agreement, many couples choose to use separate legal counsel if it is necessary to negotiate the terms. When seeking a premarital agreement, be present and be prepared to voice clear requests and concerns. Our family lawyers find that open communication leads to the most agreeable and cooperative outcomes. Premarital agreements can also be edited throughout the marriage as life changes occur. Our responsive team is always available to draft and modify agreements to serve our clients.

How Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help

At Asheville Family Law Group, we aim to serve our clients efficiently and effectively. Completing legal documents can seem like a daunting task or a necessary chore, and our goal is to accomplish them smoothly and in a timely manner. Our family law lawyers are experienced and understand the best approaches to complex family law issues and provide proven solutions to our clients. To learn more and get started creating your own premarital agreement, contact our family law firm in Asheville, NC, today.

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