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Determining child support is a vital factor in many family law matters and can be a highly sensitive and contentious issue among separated parents. A reliable child support plan must be in place to take care of their children’s financial needs. One of our knowledgeable and experienced child support attorneys with Asheville Family Law Group can help you obtain the support order best suited to your child’s needs and situation. Contact our Asheville family law firm today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how to obtain the best support order or make changes to your existing child support agreement.

What Is Child Support?

Child support is defined as court-ordered payments intended to ensure the child or children are supported financially. The non-custodial parent makes the payments, which are meant to pay for a child’s housing, food, clothing, and health insurance but can also include school tuition, daycare, and after-school activities. One of our knowledgeable family law attorneys with Asheville Family Law Group can help provide legal advice to determine a child support arrangement that will best fit your child’s situation.

How Is Child Support Determined?

In North Carolina, there is a formula for determining child support to help streamline the process of separating parents. Be aware that this formula does not take into account hidden actual income or expenses. The following at the most significant factors when determining child support payments in North Carolina.

  • Child Custody Arrangements
  • Visitation Time
  • Both Parent’s Gross Income
  • Whether A Child Has Special needs

Child Support Modification

North Carolina Statute §50-13.7 allows support of a minor child may be modified or vacated at any time upon showing a change of circumstance by either party. If you, your child, or your child’s other parent experience a financial change that you believe may warrant a modification of a previous support order or need a new support order, contact a child support attorney with our Asheville law firm today. Schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable family attorneys so we can help you file a successful petition for modification.

What To Do If You Can’t Pay Child Support

If you are unable to make child support payments, contact our Asheville family lawyers today for assistance in requesting a modification to the court order through a petition. Without filing the proper paperwork and stopping child support payments, you could be subject to numerous penalties, including suspending your driver’s license.

How Is Child Support Modification Determined?

In North Carolina, child support is reviewable if at least one child involved is under 18 and at least three years have passed since the most recent child support order or modification. In the case that child support is reviewable, North Carolina Child Support Guidelines determine whether the modification is warranted. To undergo modification, one parent must show a difference of 15% or more between the previous support amount and the new amount provided for the court to determine a sufficient enough change to warrant a modification.

Eligibility Of Child Support Modification

Only changes unknown at the time the previous support order was made will be considered for eligibility. The addition of children to one parent’s household through remarriage is not considered a factor by the court. As with other family law cases, the best interest of the child governs the outcome of child support modification. Contact our Asheville family attorneys today to schedule a consultation to discuss modification of support.

  • Changes In Child’s Medical Expenses
  • Physical Custody Changes
  • Changes In The Child’s Needs
  • Changes In A Parent’s Income

Who Grants The Petition For Child Support Modification?

The outcome of a petition for child support modification is determined by the North Carolina Statutes and held by the court. In certain cases, it may be necessary to dig deeper into the case or into the causes of one parent’s unemployment. Contact one of our family lawyers today so we can help get you the support you are entitled to and help you oppose any unwarranted child support modification.

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