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Mediation formal negotiation process that occurs is most family law cases. Both parties and their attorneys meet with a third party mediator to determine a resolution for the presented matter. Family law mediation is crucial to reaching a timely and amicable resolution and avoiding a lengthy and complex court trial. All types of family law cases can benefit from mediation with skilled and experienced mediation attorneys. As your guide through the mediation process, our reliable mediation lawyers work diligently to find solutions that result in agreements. Our family law attorneys in Asheville, NC apply years of experience and knowledge to provide compelling legal representation during mediations. We understand the dedication required to successfully navigate family law mediations for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our family law services and schedule an initial consultation with an Ashevilel family law lawyer.

The Importance of Mediation in Family Law Cases

Mediation is the alternative to litigating a case in court and leaving a judge to determine the resolution of a case. Mediation is a collaborative effort and allows for both parties to contribute to and agree on the resolution rather than a judge making the final decision. Mediation does not always conclude in a settlement resolution; regardless it can provide both parties insight into how the matter can be resolved. Successful mediation typically provides results faster and more amicable than a court trial. It typically benefits both parties to settle in a mediation setting rather than in court. Family law mediation can be used for all types of cases and disputes including the following matters.

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody & Visitation
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Support
  • Domestic Dispute Agreements
  • Equitable Distribution of Assets & Debts

How Mediation Works

To begin, both parties’ family law attorneys must present their clients’ cases and express their goals for resolution. The neutral mediator will facilitate the discussion but does not express opinions or have a ruling over decisions. Unlike a trial or court-managed meeting, there is no formal discovery process where parties present requested evidence. Instead, negotiations are aimed at resolving the matter based on how the parties explain their goal for the resolution. The success of mediation depends on each party’s willingness to compromise and understand the other party’s goals for resolution. The meeting may conclude in a full settlement resolution, a partial agreement, or no agreement. If a settlement agreement is reached, the parties will sign a written agreement, and the case will conclude. In some cases, attorneys will agree to complete multiple mediation sessions to reach a settlement. Mediations are typically required to occur before the courts allow them to be scheduled for trial. Judges can waive the requirement for mediation if there is a prevalent history of combative behavior between the parties that would likely cause mediation to be unsuccessful.

Mediation With Asheville Family Law Group

Our Asheville family law attorneys provide comprehensive client representation to support our clients through their cases and during mediation proceedings. Mediation can often be the most important portion of a case and required counsel to be responsive, devoted, and knowledgeable. That’s why our family lawyers are focused on resolution and achieving our client’s goals from the beginning. At Asheville Family Law Group, we have several ways we work to ensure that mediation is successful: we start preparing for mediation from the beginning of the case, we stay highly organized, we keep our clients informed, and we stay professional and level-headed throughout the proceeding. These techniques allow for smooth navigation of complex and often sensitive mediations. For more information on how we can help you complete family law mediation and accomplish your goals for your divorce, child custody, or other family law matter, contact us today to get started with an initial case consultation.

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